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Control the flow of rain water from roof to drains

Fascias & Soffits

Improve your roof trim with new Fascias & Soffits



Fibreglass roofing Advanced Rooflines York

Fibreglass roofing

Fibreglass is a strong and durable product which when used as roofing can last in excess of 50 years. Through our years of experience we have tested many different fibreglass manufactures in the market and can say with confidence that GRP Fibreglass Roofing is the best.

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Soffits Advanced Rooflines York


The fascia is the long strip that sits underneath the roof where the guttering is attached. Also known as the facing strip, Advanced Rooflines York offer a selection of different colours including, white, ash, black mahogany and rosewood.

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Soffits Advanced Rooflines York


The soffit strip sits underneath the fascia and provides the important seal between the roof and the wall. Available in the same full suite of colours as the fascias, they create a beautiful finish to your roof.

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Guttering by Advanced Rooflines York


Advanced Rooflines’ guttering and downpipes control the flow of water from your roof, down to the drains, keeping it away from your property. Guttering is available in many different colours and styles.

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Cladding Advanced Rooflines York


Advanced Rooflines York can install attractive UPVC cladding to your home, creating an extra barrier between you and the outside world.  Cladding can help with insulation and gives added protection against the elements.

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Dry Verge System by Advanced Rooflines York

Dry Verge System

Advanced Rooflines’ Dry Verge Systems can be an amazing, classic finishing touch for your homes’ roof edges. The Dry Verge System can be a cost effective alternative solution to your roof trim and avoids all the long term maintenance problems caused by mortar bedding.

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