Facias at Advanced Rooflines York

The fascia is the long strip that sits underneath the roof where the guttering is attached. Also known as the facing strip, Advanced Rooflines York offer a selection of different colours including, white, ask, black mahogany and rosewood. Fascias are available in a selection of thicknesses to suit your property – 16, 20 & 25mm.

Fascias, along with your homes bargeboard, are the most noticeable feature of your roof trim and are very important for protecting your roof rafters from the wind and rain. When Advanced Rooflines York install your fascias they give your roof a aesthetically pleasing look, leaving no holes or gaps, concealing and protecting your roof rafter ends.

They also come with a special ventilation system which prevents any water from getting to your roof and walls. Also available are bird combs that will stop any birds from nesting within your roof rafters.

Advanced Roofline only use the strongest, most durable materials when installing fascias to your home which ensure solid, long lasting roof trims. All Advanced Rooflines’ white fascias come with a lifetime guarantee against discolouration.

Advanced Rooflines York fascias image
Advanced Rooflines York fascias image

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